Looking for the fastest way to sell your home? Need guidance as to how you should stage your house before advertising? Does your potential customer base comprise mostly first-time homebuyers who are more attentive to details? Here’s how you can do a home upgrade attractive enough for your clients.

Advertising your home for sale requires quite an effort on your part. Most clients will hassle and bargain about the price. Nonetheless, first time buyers won’t part with their money if they have to spend on repairing and maintenance. They will always prefer investing in upgraded homes worth the purchase.


Home upgrade ideas to consider for fast reselling of residential property:

Have a Personalised Workspace at Home

Previously, it was preferred not to have a home office as potential customers did not find it functional. However, with the increasing trend of working from home, to which young professionals and freelancers subscribe, it’s better to create a work environment. Our real estate experts have noticed that the majority of millennial homebuyers have a home business or have shifted their office to their homes, for more productivity. Therefore, you should definitely use the cubicle in your house as a major home staging asset.

Prepare an Energy-Efficient Setting

Our clients always emphasise on saving energy to reduce expenses and protect the environment. Yes, it is quite normal to opt for eco-friendly choices when global warming is on the rise and electricity bills are a huge headache. So, what can you do to attract the customers? Simple, do your home upgrade electrical with energy-saving appliances. A solar panel yard on the rooftop, for example, will augment the resell home value to at least three times.

Install USB Power Outlets

You might be wondering as to why we have listed this common feature for a home upgrade. Well, that’s because your buyers will be tech-savvy and equipped with smartphones. And it is absolutely normal for them to have mobile devices like tablets or a Kindle. Picture your client finding a few USB plug sockets in her future home. How greatly relieved she will be to deduct the cost of power adapters and extension cords from her budget! These power outlets are multifunctional, meaning you can plug in more than one device at the same outlet for charging.  

Give a Quick Makeover to Your Bathroom(s)

Our realtors and previous home sellers have agreed that most homebuyers want to see the bathroom first and inspect it minutely. However, you can cut down on remodelling costs through a home upgrade diy.  We suggest changing towels, repairing leaky faucets and decluttering the space by removing all unnecessary products from the cabinets. With our best shower cleaner options, you can easily clean your bathroom of all dirt and germs before presenting it to your client. 

clean Bathroom

Make Sure Your Home Upgrade has a Modern Appearance

Millennial clients prefer modern, minimalist exteriors to their homes, something that will suit their lifestyle. Hence, your house should have an attractive front to leave a lasting first impression. You can experiment with home upgrading modern by adding a few plants to make the porch look spacious, or investing in sleek surfaces such as tiles or countertops for the kitchen. Remember that open spaces are an absolute must in modern homes, so keep only essential pieces of furniture and do away with the rest. 

Consider having a Built-in Storage Space

Having extra storage space can add significant value to your home for sale. Closets and cabinets are the best way to increase the functionality of your available space by adding extra square foot. Does your modular kitchen have cabinets? Great, your client can store items there cluttering the countertop. Similarly, install some shelves in your large garage, or refurbish the basement to present a more functional home. 

Focus on the Lounging Space

This can be a major selling point of your home provided you use it expertly. Our real estate agents suggest doing some home upgrade decor, such as placing a few showpieces artfully to attract attention. Additionally, you can rearrange the sofas and couches to give a conversational vibe. Keep a plant at the corner to give a lively feeling. Having soft but luxurious throw drapes over your furniture will be tasteful too. A coffee table at the centre will be just the perfect finish to your drawing-room.

Lounging Space

Do Not Paint your Home with Gaudy Colors

Painting your home before selling is absolutely necessary to give it an up-to-date appearance. However, you should not paint your rooms bright red or dark brown as this puts off potential customers. Remember, neutral is the key. But wait, does that mean you will go all white? Not at all! Surveys have shown that shades of beige, such as grey-beige or soft beige are here to rock this year. You can also use shades of khaki to make the rooms look clean and crisp. Also, go for matte finishes to exude a larger yet minimalist vibe. 

Smart Homes are in the Vogue

Smart homes are designed to give the user the ultimate comfort and luxury within a limited budget. Millennial buyers are all for smart home automation so that they can monitor their entire house with just a click. Having a smart thermostat or smart door lock will also help save energy and keep the owner connected.

Refurbish the Lightning

Last but not the least; you should pay attention to home upgrade lightning. None wants to live in a home that has poor lighting and looks dark and depressing. What you can do is to replace old lights with LED lights (these generate less heat) and use accent lighting for highlighting any feature.

We can assure that our tips on how to upgrade home will surely give you an edge over other sellers in the real estate field. Once you are done, get the news out and sell your house quickly. Liked our advice? Comment below to know more about home reselling tips. 


Shruti Saini is a passionate Digital Marketing Executive and a contributing author for The Homezz. She has always been fascinated with Home Décor, Lawn & Garden Ideas, and Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks.

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