Garden Pruners and Loppers play a part in helping keep our gardens not only nice looking but also healthy too by chopping dead branches. In horticulture, Pruning is the removal or reduction of parts of a plant, tree, or vine that is not requisite to growth or production.

The goal of Pruning is to remove unwanted branches, improve the tree’s structure, and direct new, healthy growth. Gardening is easier when you choose the right tool for a particular task. Choosing the right tool can not only save you time and energy but can also help ensure that your plants remain healthy and strong—free of any damage that might be caused by improper pruning. From tree pruning on lower hanging branches to deadheading bushes of different types of rose plants and ornamental plants, best Garden Pruners and Loppers are must to keep them in bloom.

Professional Hand Pruners and Loppers are the two commonly used gardening tools for pruning. So how do you know which one to choose?

The width of the branches you plan to trim will determine whether you should use hand pruners or loppers. Using the wrong one can result in damage to both the tool and the plant.

Garden Pruners and Loppers? What to Choose?

Pruners are one-handed tools used for smaller branches and twigs under half an inch or less in width.

Loppers are two-handed tools that are used for medium-size branches and stems that are too big for hand pruners but are thinner than 1 to 1.5 inches. (For larger branches/stems use a pruning saw.) for different types of Rose plants and Orchids.

In addition to selecting the right type of pruning tool, it is important to know whether to use a pair of anvil pruners or loppers or bypass pruners or loppers.

Bypass Pruners or Loppers

They are the most common and have a blade that sweeps past the lower jaw. These blades are best for cutting through live material. The upper blade passes the lower in a scissors-like motion, creating a clean slice.

Anvil Pruners or Loppers

They have a blade that closes against an anvil on the lower jaw -making contact to the base once the branch/stem has been cut, basically smashing it. This blade isn’t as clean or precise as the bypass. Anvil pruners or loppers preferably used for cutting dry and/or dead branches/stems.

Fiskars Extendable Handle Lopper with Single Pivot

Fiskars Extendable Handle Lopper

Product Description:

  • Ideal to cut down hard-to-reach branches.
  • Power-Lever technology multiplies leverage to give you up to two times more cutting power than traditional single-pivot loppers
  • Extendable handles make cutting high branches or cutting at awkward angles easy
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade has non-stick coating stays sharp, even through heavy use
  • Steel construction provides lasting durability
  • Cushioned grips and a shock-absorbing bumper for a comfortable hold
  • Bypass blade style

TABOR TOOLS GL18A Mini Bypass Loppers


Product Description:

  • Pruning Made Easy: POWER THROUGH 1″ diameter thick branches with a quick chop and without the struggle. This bypass lopper is designed for making fast and precise cuts that will preserve the health of your plants.
  • Hardened, razor-sharp, precision-ground bypass blade
  • Easy to carry and you can keep it in your car or with your camping outdoor gear.
  • Non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier and holds items sharp for long-lasting value.

Greenworks HA6901R-3 Heavy-Duty Bypass Lopper

Greenworks HA6901R-3

Product Description:

  • Upper Blade:65Mn Steel Blade With Ilaflon Coating, Heat Treatment, Lower Blade:50C Handle, Telescopic Aluminum Handle, Pp+Tpr Grips
  • No Assembly Required

Edward Tools Lopper and Pruner Set

Edward Tools

Product Description:

  • Lopper can cut up 1 1/2” diameter branches
  • Pruner cuts up to 5/8” diameter branches
  • Lifetime Warranty – All Edward Tools products come with a lifetime warranty
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Blades
  • Ergo Grip Rubber handles

GRUNTEK Pruning Loppers

GRUNTEK Pruning Loppers

Product Description:

  • GRÜNTEK Pruning Loppers / Hedge Trimmers GRIZZLY: Specifically designed for easy and clean cuts of fresh and dry wood
  • Sharp upper blade made of high carbon tool steel with good sharpening ability, special non-stick coating and precision grinding
  • Brilliant Design: Up to 2.2 times higher cutting performance due to unique Gear Transmission System; cutting of fresh green to 1.3″/33 mm diameter and dry wood to 1.1″/29 mm diameter
  • Optimized Gear Drive System: Thanks to optimized lever ratio and force transmission, the cutting performance is increased, which results in the effortless and arm-friendly cutting of dry wood and fresh branches
  • Practical: The adjustable, interchangeable and replaceable anvil regulates the cutting angle. The round lever arms with comfortable and rubberized non-slip handles and rounded corners minimize stress during extended use
  • Pleasant positioning for both hands, the well-balanced design requires less effort when making powerful and precise cuts.

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