People love it when they are in a place with a well-functioning air conditioning unit! Especially during summer and warmer days, you surely love to stay in cold areas — even the refrigerator is a dream! Everything’s much better when you are in a cold room. Even if some people cannot last really long in low temperatures, still, given the choice, more people would pick an air-conditioned room any time of the day.

Of course, you cannot deny how the electric bill could go higher too with air conditioning units operating at home, even more if more than one or two rooms have each. You should not forget the presence and popularity of electric fans! Yes, whether it’s a desk fan, a stand fan, a wall fan, a ceiling fan or any other type, electric fans at home never go out of style! Aside from practicality, they are the usual and ideal appliances for ventilation which you can see in every home and in many establishments, both public and private. 

Although air conditioning units cannot be compared to electric fans in terms of the coolness they give, electric fans are beneficial in countless ways; actually, they can also make life better inside your home. How? Check out the list of 4 things below!

Advantages of Electric Fans


Electric Fans

Using electric fans makes you save energy. According to experts, electric fans, especially  fans in the ceiling, can help reduce your electric bill costs and help you raise your room’s overall temperature by as much as 2°C. However, the catch is to use electric fans only in places where people are, because fans only give off their cooling effects when the sweat and other moisture particles absorb the heat from the body and evaporates, stimulating a cooler feeling. 

Do not leave fans on or spinning in empty rooms as this will certainly ruin the energy conservation you want to achieve. Again, you can save energy and save money on bills with responsible usage. Still, compared to air conditioners, you can absolutely save a lot more on electric fans without getting poor quality of service as well.


Electric Fans

Having electric fans inside your house enables you to have better indoor air circulation. There are times when you still use an electric fan with the air conditioner. When that’s what you do, electric fans help circulate the air that comes from your air conditioner. 

While it is best to use and run fans in a room with people, using fans in heavy and humid  hallways and stairways does have a good effect on the overall circulation of your house. Air circulation and temperatures in places are better when electric fans are placed down a hallway or at the top or bottom of the stairs. If allowed, open your windows and doorways, and do cross ventilation through fans to absorb cleaner air from outside and to remove the unpleasant, stagnant air out.


Electric Fans

Electric fans turned on decrease the humidity in the room. Rooms that seem heavier, more occupied, or too humid can be fixed by using a floor fan, which allows people’s flexibility in relocation and positioning of the fan. Funnel air in a humid room to remove excessive moisture. Once that’s done, your room will have a dry, fresher-feeling air. Bathroom or exhaust fans truly do the job of removing moisture from your comfort room.



Properly functional and cleaned electric fans can also aid in eliminating dirty and unhealthy air. Whether you’re dealing with hot steam from the boiling water in the kitchen or smoke from what you’re cooking, an electric fan can help you with it. Use your  fan  to suck up the unpleasant air filled with smoke particles or water vapor and face the fan to an open window or any opening outside the house to blow it out. Pointed in the direction of the opening, it can act as an exhaust fan. Once the fan clears the room from the unpleasant air, turn it around to blow clean air from the outside back into the room. This is a great way to give some ventilation to your room.



You buy a stand fan or an electric fan, you can just assemble it and make sure that it’s ready for use. Plug it in an operating socket, and tadah! You can use it! For ceiling fans and wall fans, you can choose an area in your house where they are appropriate and necessary. Go get the tools needed, and see to it that they attach well upon installation. You don’t really have to call for technical help or advise specifications to your custom home builders regarding them because you can do them on your own too.

The quick installation characteristic of all types of electric fans make them better compared to air conditioning units in a sense that having these heavier appliances placed in your house.takes more time, more effort and more skills. For bigger ventilation appliances such as air conditioning units, you might need to pay workers too and specify features to your custom home builders for them to create your house safe and perfect for air conditioning unit installations anytime you want throughout your house’s lifespan.

Nicole Ann Pore

For Nicole Ann Pore, as cliche as it sounds, there is no place like home. She believes that is not only a responsibility but also a privilege to create and take care of a house where home is built. Nicole writes on topics that reveal the essence of a nice home, as well as home care and improvement tips. She is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of New South Wales’ most experienced home residential builders. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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