Someone truly said – Every rose flower has its thorn but each type has its own characteristics!

Roses are among the most popular flower in the world. Roses are the quintessential flower of romance – so elegant, beautiful and we doubt that there is another flower that.

Garden, heirloom, knockout, tea—there are thousands of hybrids and more than 150 species to choose from. How do you know which type of rose plant is for you? Most specialists divide roses into three main categories:

Different Types of Roses fall under Three Main Categories of Roses

  • Wild Roses
  • Old Garden Roses
  • Modern Garden Roses

In Today’s gardens, the most common roses are Modern Roses. Unlike Old Garden Roses which bloom once a year, Modern Garden Roses bloom continuously throughout the season. They also have a larger bloom size and longer vase life but lack the hardiness, disease resistance, and fragrance of Old Garden roses.

Old Garden Roses also referred to as “heritage” or “historic” roses have been in existence since before 1867. They have a highly disease-resistant, notably strong fragrance, double-flowered blooms but they typically only bloom once per season.

Wild Roses, also known by a variety of common names, including pasture rose, Scotch briar, or prairie rose is the wildflower of the rose world. These are roses that haven’t been hybridized. Wild species roses are single bloomers with 5 petals and almost all of them are always pink. Finding a few whites and reds is an anomaly and that goes towards the yellow coloration is even rarer.

Different Types of Roses Colors

Roses are mainly in three colors yellow, white and red but they also comes in many different colors like Magenta, yellow, copper, vermilion, purple and Apricot. But in a way, they all develop different colors depending on where they are.

Rose Flower Blooming

Depending on what type of rose plant you choose, they can be quite easy to care for. Of course, you should have the best garden pruners and loppers to prune rose plants.

Even though all the different types of roses are beautiful, none is lacking in beauty but some roses beat others in coloration, petals, and foliage and truly deserve to come in the top positions when talking about beauty. Here is the list of 10 of the most beautiful types of rose flowers in the world to consider if you are planning to beautify your garden or Lawn.

Different Types of Roses with Names and Pictures

1. Climbing Roses

Zephirine Drouhin
Erin Silversmith / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: ‘Zephirine Drouhin’

Want to bring height and a feeling of abundance to your garden? Look no further than Climbing Roses! They produce more flowers when grown horizontally and tend to have large flowers, held singly or in small groups that almost always rebloom. Climbing Roses are perfect for growing on pillars, house walls, obelisks, walls, trellises, and overarches.

2. English Roses

Graham Thomas
T.Kiya / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: Graham Thomas

Are you looking for a hardy, highly disease-resistant rose with a delightful pleasant rose scent? Then Choose English Garden Roses for Your Garden. Available in a range of colors, these roses were bred by Englishman David Austin, most are shrubby, which makes them ideal for practically any garden situation—containers, hedges, and more formal settings.

3. Floribunda Roses

Sexy Rexy
Dumbledad / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: Sexy Rexy

Originally produced by crossing Hybrid Teas with Polyantha Roses, Floribunda Rose is a crossbred flower that is loved for its minimal upkeep, hardiness in harsh climates, and its ability to have continual blooms. This crossbred flower produces profuse clusters of blooms from spring until the first frost thus ideal for borders or containers.

4. Grandiflora Roses

HomeinSalem / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: Montezuma

Known for their large showy flowers, Grandiflora Roses are a combination of reblooming Floribunda paired with the gracefully clustered blooms of Hybrid Tea roses. Tall elegant plants that bloom repeatedly during the season, Shades range from soft pastels to deep purples and have a hint of sweet floral perfume makes them everyone’s favorite types of roses.

5. Groundcover Roses

Libby norman / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: Avon

These shrubby roses, also known as “landscape” roses, are fuss-free plants that show toughness, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. Drenched with color from spring through frost and can be found in single and double bloom forms, these groundcover roses grows low and spreads fast.

6. Hybrid Tea Roses

Soleil d'Or
A. Barra / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Modern Rose

Shown: Soleil d’Or

Hybrid tea roses, the products of a cross between old-fashioned tea roses and hybrid perpetual roses, are rose royalty. They have large, high-centered buds with 30 to 50 petals each that are supported by long, straight, upright stems. Hybrid tea roses grow up to 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. They are the most impeccable, picture-perfect form of any rose.

7. Bourbon Roses

Louise Odier
Salicyna / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Old Garden Rose

Shown: Louise Odier

Bourbon Rose is an excellent choice to combine a longer blooming season with old-fashioned richness and lovely, heady scent. It is noteworthy that these gorgeous full bloomers are completely thornless and can be trained to climb, making tending to it quite pleasant.

8. Damask Roses

Autumn Damask
A. Barra / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Old Garden Rose

Shown: Autumn Damask

The Damask rose tends to sprawl and has strongly scented blooms. Being famous for its heady fragrance, the Damask rose has long been used for making rose oils or “attar of roses”.  No problem with disease, it is a deciduous shrub growing to 7 ft tall, the stems densely armed with stout, stiff bristles, and curved prickles.

9. Noisette Roses

Blush Noisette
Anna reg / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Old Garden Rose

Shown: Blush Noisette

The noisette rose is a climbing plant with larger blooms. They were cross-bred with tea roses creating the tea-noisettes. Noisette roses are not wintered hardy and have been delighting gardeners for so many years with their easy, graceful, and fragrant flowers.

10. Wild Prairie Rose

Rosa Arkansana
Alexwcovington / Wikimedia Commons

Type: Wild Rose

Shown: Rosa Arkansana

The Wild Prairie Rose, grown as an ornamental plant, is seen in varying shades of pink, with a tight complementary cluster of shiny yellow stamens in the center. The name of this rose comes from Colorado’s Arkansas River where this specie is found.

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