There is a fine line between what glitters and what doesn’t. Suppose you spend a few thousand dollars on opulent lighting. When you’re trying to sell your house, you might think that the glistening lights hanging from the ceiling will catch the attention of potential buyers.

However, buyers will be put off by a lot of flashy additions like this one. Once the buyer signs the final contract, your expensive renovation project could be ripped out of the house. Not only did your project fail to attract buyers, but it was also a waste of time and money.

You could lose money on home renovations if you’re not careful. That’s why we compiled a list of the 12 worst home renovations. Don’t expect to make any money when you put your house on the market if you make one of these home repairs.

Consider these ideas for sprucing up your residence if you will. But don’t rush things.

Here’s a good general rule of thumb to follow. A potential buyer may find a personalization project disgusting, no matter how much joy it brings you. Avoid the latest fads and stick to the basics.

Unique features that only appeal to a select group of customers are difficult to market. An unintimidating property is much easier to sell. The following are some projects to avoid:

Wallpaper: It’s a matter of personal preference whether you like wallpaper or not. Furthermore, removing it is a lengthy process. In the wake of old wallpaper, a sticky residue is left behind. Is there any damage to the walls underneath the paper? It’s better to stick to one color for your walls.

Constructing a high-end master suite: Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report estimates that a high-end master suite will cost $320,976 to build. It’s a great way to spruce up your home, but it also comes with a return on investment of 47.7 percent. That means you’ll be lucky to recoup even a third of your initial investment.

Major kitchen remodels: Custom cabinets, new lighting, stone countertops, and pricey appliances are all part of a major kitchen remodel. You’re not doing this to get your money back; rather, you’re doing it for the sheer joy of it. According to the above report, it has an average ROI of 53.9 percent because it costs an average of $150,000.

Combining bedrooms: It’s possible that combining bedrooms will meet your needs in the short term, but in the long term, it may turn off potential buyers. For their purposes, people are looking for more space in their homes. Your home may lose value if you convert a three-bedroom house into a two-bedroom one. The more rooms, the better, is a rule of thumb.

Tile patterns: Buyers may shy away from homes with distinctive, personalized tiling. They may be thinking about how much time and money it would take to replace the pattern. You can have an upgraded tile floor, but don’t go crazy with black-and-white tiles or anything else out there.

Wall-to-wall carpeting: Buyers will view wall-to-wall carpeting the same way they view tiles: as a potential expense. They’ll wonder how much it’ll cost to remove it. Surely no one wants a carpet in their kitchen? When it comes to flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t give you a lot of options, so avoid it.

Bold paint colors: If you want to create a dramatic atmosphere, consider painting the walls a deep shade of red or a vivid shade of purple. However, buyers may be put off by this. When buyers see too much of “you” in the house, they may not be able to envision themselves living there. Instead, opt for something more straightforward and neutral. The following are some of the best paint colors to use when trying to sell your home.

Mismatched architecture styles: If you have a house with the main exterior that resembles Spanish eclectic architecture, you have an example of mismatched architectural styles. But the windows are Tudor-style or Colonial-style, depending on which way you look at it. Buyers can be put off by out-of-place or out-of-context details.

Sunken den: When it came to 1960s living rooms, sunken dens were all the rage. They’ve gone out of style, but if you’re a fan, you might want to consider making some changes to your home to give it a fresh look. It indeed gives the impression of more space. Certainly, it’s an ideal location for a quiet night of entertainment. There is a risk of falling and injury, however, for those with mobility issues.

Swimming pools: Swimming pools can be expensive to maintain, despite their aesthetic appeal. People are less likely to use it if they live in a cold climate. According to HouseLogic, adding a pool will only boost your home’s value by 7%. And even then, there is no guarantee.

Lowered ceilings: Lowering your ceilings may be an option if you’re looking to save money on your energy costs. Low ceilings are a turn-off for most people. Because of this, they may feel confined. Make sure your home is large enough to accommodate as many people as possible.

With a variety of patterns on the walls and ceilings: This may appeal to you visually. However, it’s not for everyone, just like many of the other features on this list. Getting rid of this is going to cost a lot of money for many buyers, so they will sigh and walk away from the deal.

Almost all home renovations are stressful. When you discover that you’ve hired the wrong people for your projects, the consequences are even worse.


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