Where having a glass top stove is so much fun on one side, it’s maintenance is also a total headache on the other.

It’s sleek and stylish looks definitely become the sole reason for your kitchen’s beauty but you also have to do a lot at your end to intact that beauty.

Glass Top stoves are a new kitchen trend and the hype that it has received in not so much time is proof that it is a success.

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Glass Top Stove

Here you are little careless for dropping something over it, there it sticks to it with the conventional stubbornness.

To tackle the greasiness, stains, and accumulated dirt on your glass top, here we have gathered a number of tips and cleaning formulas that have a way for you to enjoy the same shine back.

3 Simple Ways Clean a Glass Top Stove?

Below are the mentioned procedures for daily, biweekly, and monthly care of your stovetop to keep it as new as the first day.

Daily Care:

The daily care involves just two items

  • Vinegar plus water solution
  • Microfiber cloth


Every night when you get free from using the stove

  • Cover the whole surface with a vinegar solution. You can store the solution in a spray bottle for easy application.
  • Let it sit for some time.
  • Take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe off the surface until it starts shining.

Biweekly Care:

Have a hold on the following items:

  • Warm water
  • Soft towel
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar water solution


  • Stick to this method and apply it every fortnight
  • Spritz the water-vinegar solution on the surface altogether.
  •  Sprinkle a lot of baking soda to cover the surface.
  • Let the mixture be absorbed with the dirt to soften the grease.
  • Dip a towel into the warm water and suck out all the water.
  • Spread the warm wet towel on the surface and give a more minute.
  • Clean the surface well and rub gently on the areas where the debris is accumulated.
  •  Repeat if required.

Monthly Care:

You need the following items to be done with the monthly routine

  • Razor blade
  • Vinegar water solution
  • Hot water
  • Soft towel


  • Make sure the stovetop is cool and you don’t need it for at least 1 next hour.
  • Spray the water mixed vinegar solution on the complete surface of the stove.
  • Let it sit for some time so that the grease softens.
  • Take a used razor blade and push the grease or adhered dirt with it. Don’t try it with a fresh and new blade because it will be too sharp to give your surface the unwanted scratches.
  • Spray the solution again on areas where the dirt or grease is massive.
  • Repeat if it does not take off in the first try.
  • Later dip the towel in warm water and wipe off the surface thoroughly.

Tip: Try not to use the stovetop 1 hour before and after you have to apply this cleaning formula.

The Basic Habits for Handling Glass Top Stove:

Let an Expert Have Access:

Be an expert or let an expert have access to it. Most of the people are used to the dealing of a gas stove, already too easy to even complain about. But glass stove is different and can not be approached in the manner of a gas stove. If you respect the instructions by the manufacturer for handling a glass top stove, buy it and use it until your family members learn it by you. Therefore, if there is any noob in your family, don’t let them get near to it without your presence.

Let it Cool:

You must have your own list of tips and tricks to keep the stove clean, but I advise you to let the stove cool down completely before you want to experiment with something.

Don’t Forget to Read the Manual:

Your glass stovetop package must also include a user manual or user guide to briefly let you know the dos and don’ts regarding the usage. Do not ignore it and have a read at least once before you start using it.

Clean Daily:

Every night when your stove is free from a day full of cuisines, follow a routine of cleaning your stove. If not much, simple water plus cloth can do a lot alone too.

Pick Light Tools:

If something sticks hard on the surface, avoid scratching it with sharp tools as something like knife, cutter or abrasive sponge. Mark the words, the scratch will make a home on the surface and would never go, making the appearance from beautiful to ugly in no time.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners:

The use of chemical cleaners should be totally banned when it comes to the glass top stove.

This is because, if any droplet remains, the next time you burn the stove, the chemical will spread around in the form of fume and mess with your nostrils, and maybe with the food also.


Your approach to making use of glass top stove can say a lot about how long it may last better but along with that, the cookware you use also partakes either to conserve its vitality or reduce it.To know more about which cookware is ideal to the glass top, Click here – https://www.kitcheniest.com/best-pots-and-pans-for-glass-top-stove/


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