Suppose you are one of the many people who have wanted to know how to clean silver coins or silver plated jewelry. In that case, you may want to find out if there is an easy and inexpensive method. When a person looks at the silver, it may be easy to assume that it cannot be cleaned easily since it has a deficient cleaning power level. While you may think that this is true, you may be surprised that you can clean silver with minimal effort.

One of the best ways to clean silver is by using something as simple as a piece of cloth or paper towels. If you are lucky enough to have an extra bowl, you can use it to rinse off the jewelry. After you have washed the jewelry, you will need to soak it in hot water, then place it in the bowl and let it soak for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off. It is important to make sure that you take special care when you are cleaning it. It would help if you never scrubbed your jewelry too hard, as this can damage the finish and make the pieces look terrible. You will also need to use a soft cloth when you are washing it, as it may scratch it.

Method to Clean Silver-Plated Jewelry

The first and most basic way of how to clean silver plated jewelry is by using a soft dry cloth and then carefully wipe away any loose dirt that might be present. If you are cleaning jewelry that has an antique look, then it would probably be a good idea to use a damp cloth to gently rub the piece of jewelry in a circular motion to remove any dust or other particles that may have accumulated during the years it has been worn. You can also try rubbing the piece of jewelry with a damp cloth in order to loosen up any build-up that might be present if it has not been cleaned in a long time.

The second method of how to clean silver plated jewelry is by hand. For pieces of jewelry that have become dirty due to daily wear, such as bracelets and necklaces, you will probably need to gently rub the piece of jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any hard deposits of dust and other particles that have accumulated over the years. You should also make sure you rinse off any jewelry after using this method to avoid any build-up of dirt that could potentially damage the piece.

If you are trying to figure out how to clean jewelry in your bathroom, you will find that the answer is to get yourself a small container. One of the great things about silver jewelry is the fact that they tend to be very smooth. It is possible to use this to wipe all of your jewelry with a cloth. Just be sure that you use a cloth that is made of cotton so that it doesn’t scratch the finish. When you are washing your jewelry, you will need to take it off the plate covered in gold or silver. Instead of wiping it on a towel, you will need to dip it in the cleaning solution and gently wipe the piece over the sink. After you have wiped it, you will simply put it back on to the plate.


There are some different methods that you can use when it comes to how to clean silver plated jewelry. The critical thing is not to do anything to damage the finish. If you are careful with the cleaning, you can end up with a beautiful set of rings or necklaces that you can be proud of. Home Décor write for us is a platform for writers, bloggers where they can share their views and opinions on various subjects.


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