We are all doing the best we can, but modern day parenting is not working in today’s society. Too often, children take over, and parents are left wondering what went wrong with their parenting. Our kids are entitled over-medicated, stressed, fat, fragile, and lacking resilience. This article briefs the Relentlessness of Modern day Parenting realistically.

Many of life’s lessons learned by actually experiencing the messy stuff of life and parenting is one of them. We are a complicated generation, raising a generation that is even more complicated than us. Today, parenting has become a very complex, difficult, humbling and often exhausting business. Either we do not know how to be parents or we are Overload with information, a big thanks to the new influencer mom on Instagram. 

Modern Day Parenting

Reasons Modern Day Parenting Is in Crisis:

Zero tolerance for Tantrums: I mean Z-E-R-O As soon as one of the children decides to put a bad face, cry, yell, or something, there comes the toy, iPad, or whatever the child wanted. Technology: Everything in excess is bad. Nowadays Toys are so advance that they do everything for children (the music, the lights, the colors, etc). When I was a child, I used to have a perfectly good time with a cardboard box, wooden toys, crayons, paper, etc. We are letting the new generation grow without creativity. Parents are looking at how to entertain their children so they don’t bother rather than how to play and grow with their children.

Nannies, Nannies, and Nannies. Balancing family and career is tough that’s why Nannies should be there to help the parents so that they can work, have a break from or go out at parties. Nannies should not be there in the house to raise the child as their child. Bringing her on family vacations where bonding and memories occur should be a big NO.

Quality Time: Yes, there are many parents who stay-at-home but are they playing or spend time with their children? Or just sitting beside them while they scroll down on Facebook or Instagram feed? Children are very soft and sensitive like clay molds. They SEE and UNDERSTAND everything, here, they are learning to only care for themselves, to grow up looking at or scrolling a screen. Time spent on activities like doing crafts, reading to children; attending recitals and games; taking them to lessons; and helping with preparing for examination or homework should be increased the most.

Doing Everything in a hurry. Parents nowadays don’t let the child experiment with much-needed anxieties and frustrations. Whether pulling their bottoms up, putting their shoes on, letting them put their toys away, etc. Parents do not let kids take frustrating tasks that will only help them to endure tougher tasks when they grow up. “Never help a child with a task at which he can succeed.”

TV, Music, Games, etc. Have you seen some cartoons on television? Have you heard the type of music some parents hear when their children are in the same car as them?

Mealtimes, are the parents glued to the cell phone? Do families spend time as a whole during meal times, or does everyone eat at different times? Mealtime is precious, it’s the time to know, to connect, to react, and to bond. Many families are losing this valuable time due to activities at school that are not as half important as the bond that is formed between children and parents.

Example, Example, Example. Most parents try to teach values, but children will learn from what they see and not what they hear. Parents tell them to keep his/her promises, but they keep pushing the outing they promised him/her for the next day? Elders tell the children to love the other person, but he/she hears them gossiping about a family member or friend.


Some of the main reasons parenting feels harder than ever include: challenges with both working parents, social media distractions, emotional or behavioral dysfunction, violence and safety concerns in schools and other places, peer competition or bullying etc. Mainly Screens, over-scheduling, and entitlement are just some of the modern day parenting issues.Bad parenting might stem from not knowing enough to be a better parent or from a general lack of apathy to learning the right way. That’s why Modern Day Parenting should aims to meet the needs of both the parent and the child, while teaching and modeling flexibility and adaptability.

Based on extensive observation, interviews and analyses, There are 4 different types of parenting styles: Authoritarian or Disciplinarian, Permissive or Indulgent, Uninvolved and Authoritative. Parents may not fit neatly into just one category but may find success in varying their style, according to the situation!

Happy Parenting!


Shruti Saini is a passionate Digital Marketing Executive and a contributing author for The Homezz. She has always been fascinated with Home Décor, Lawn & Garden Ideas, and Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks.

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